Don’t give up, beginner! Inspiring visual advices for new creative professionals

More than once I cursed myself for not having another profession, “I should have been an accountant”, “Had to studied philosophy” “Must become a plumber” (and make a lot of money).  What? Impossible! I had to dedicate my youth to a profession in which a simple comment can strike down your motivation and mark you for life. All creative professionals remember a heartless teacher or a senseless criticism and  despite all, here we are! We can’t imagine ourselves in the shoes of any other professional, we love what we do and we don’t give up!

This is a message to all students and trainees: you are not as bad as they say, and not as good as you think. You can survive and, sometimes, even have fun! The secret? work, work work and work, and, after that, keep on working! And if even then you have “one of those days”, take a break, refresh your ideas and reinforce your motivation with these inspiring and beautiful posters.

NOTE: If you are not a beginner, you will surely encourage yourself too, life’s also hard out there…

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The ten commandments of creativity

Even if you are an experienced creative, sometimes it’s good to look back and remember these sacred rules that all  trainees know by heart. Recall will give a bit of fresh air to your ideas and get you out of a mechanical method of work. I love going over and over again my books from college and challenge myself, looking for different creative techniques. I would say that, almost always, this helps me when I’m blank.


1. Stay engaged with the objectives

2. Open your mind, use the five senses

3. Separate the creation phase of the evaluation

4. Avoid the spoilers of ideas, surround yourself with a proactive team

5. Use sketches

6. Bring the product to the limit: do not stop picking up new ideas even if you have found a good one

7. Mistakes are good, can lead you to better ideas

8. The quantity (of ideas) leads to quality

9. Develop your sense of humor

10. When the brainstorming is finished do not test the ideas immediately, keep a safe distance, more objective.

IKEA does Banksy

A few months ago, during the Fashion Week in Milan, IKEA launched a very interesting ad campaign. Ikea decided to sabotage its own posters around the city in the purest Banksy graffiti style. This is just an example of how, in advertising, something damaging can turn into an opportunity, and even we like it or not, Ikea has known how to take advantage of it.

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That’s how they did it:


Banksy used the Ikea topic in one of his works. The graffiti shows a punk teenager reading the instructions to assembly a “Large Graffiti Slogan.”


This makes me think about the first Banksy’s film Exit through the gift shop, and the recommendation he gave to Thierry Guetta: “do some art”. Sometimes, this is a dangerous advice, but all’s fair in capitalism and advertising, isn’t it, Banksy?

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