Creative challenge completed: the non traditional solution for a traditional print media

Sonera express the speed concept of its 4G technology through a mobile game in a traditional and static media. Great!
Agency: DDBHelsinky

IKEA does Banksy

A few months ago, during the Fashion Week in Milan, IKEA launched a very interesting ad campaign. Ikea decided to sabotage its own posters around the city in the purest Banksy graffiti style. This is just an example of how, in advertising, something damaging can turn into an opportunity, and even we like it or not, Ikea has known how to take advantage of it.

IKEA, guerrilla, advertising, milan fashio week, Banksy, graffiti, street art, design, contrapublicidad.

That’s how they did it:


Banksy used the Ikea topic in one of his works. The graffiti shows a punk teenager reading the instructions to assembly a “Large Graffiti Slogan.”


This makes me think about the first Banksy’s film Exit through the gift shop, and the recommendation he gave to Thierry Guetta: “do some art”. Sometimes, this is a dangerous advice, but all’s fair in capitalism and advertising, isn’t it, Banksy?

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