What Pinterest gave us this 2013

It’s hard to get back to normal after Christmas. Meanwhile, in Darma, we are enjoying breaks (longer and more often) gossiping over the network. Today we have been especially enthusiastic  about Piterest, watching old photos and portraits. Here you have … Continue reading

Christmas free-style, Caga Tió

There are as many Christmas traditions as cultures in the world. But sorry, I can’t help myself, as I read in the NY Times once “like so many things in life — soccer, sex, pigs’ feet with snails — Christmas is better in Barcelona”.  So today I want to present you the closest christmas tradition to me: the Caga Tió. It’s a funny way to give presents to children in Catalonia, where I come from.
It consists in a customized trunk that “shits” presents for children after they beat it with a stick while singing a song. Ok, like that it sounds kind of stupid, but not more than an old fat dude dressed in red who come through the chimney to deliver presents… it’s a question of culture… If you are interested, read something else about the Caga Tió or the Catalan Christmas, then I’m sure you wish you were there…

Here you have a beautiful video showing really cool Caga Tió. Once again, design is everywhere!
Have a happy december!