Christmas free-style, Caga Tió

There are as many Christmas traditions as cultures in the world. But sorry, I can’t help myself, as I read in the NY Times once “like so many things in life — soccer, sex, pigs’ feet with snails — Christmas is better in Barcelona”.  So today I want to present you the closest christmas tradition to me: the Caga Tió. It’s a funny way to give presents to children in Catalonia, where I come from.
It consists in a customized trunk that “shits” presents for children after they beat it with a stick while singing a song. Ok, like that it sounds kind of stupid, but not more than an old fat dude dressed in red who come through the chimney to deliver presents… it’s a question of culture… If you are interested, read something else about the Caga Tió or the Catalan Christmas, then I’m sure you wish you were there…

Here you have a beautiful video showing really cool Caga Tió. Once again, design is everywhere!
Have a happy december!


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